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Earn Your Bachelor's Degree and Special Education Generalist License

The Special Education Bachelor of Arts – K-12 Special Education Teaching Emphasis – Licensure: Special Education Generalist (Ages 5-21) program at the UNC Center for Urban Education combines a liberal arts teacher apprenticeship with courses in special education theory, practice and pedagogy to ensure teachers have the breadth of knowledge needed to be effective special education teachers.

This Denver-delivered program features a structured course schedule (you'll focus on one course at a time) and a paid classroom apprenticeship model that allows you to start earning and working in metro area classrooms right away.


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Be the Difference: Be a Teacher

Because of the specialized training and experiences you'll gain in urban school districts, you will be prepared to address the needs of these students and make a difference where it is needed most: in the lives of children who have the chance to become inspired learners. With these experiences, our graduates routinely report that their transition to full-time classroom teacher involves no surprises. They have seen much, done much and are ready to tackle the most demanding teaching challenges.

Upon completion of the program, you will have the opportunity to become licensed as a K-12 Special Educator (valid for kindergarten through age 21) with a Generalist Endorsement. Special education graduates are eligible for the added K–6 Elementary Education endorsement, after taking and successfully passing an Elementary Content Exam. Additional course work may or may not be required.

The UNC Center for Urban Education

This program/major is one of three bachelor's degrees with initial licensure offered by the UNC Center for Urban Education, which operates at the UNC Denver Center at Lowry. The other Center for Urban Education degree with licensure programs are:

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Classroom Apprenticeship

You will spend time each week in a classroom teacher apprenticeship position – all four years. You'll receive pay as well as college credit for this experience. This means that right from the beginning you are part of the school environment as a working, contributing staff member, meaning that you can apply what you learn in your courses to see which methods work best for you. During the entire four years, you will also be mentored by a retired master teacher who offers guidance and support for the classroom apprenticeship experience.

Academic Classes

The four-year course of study includes a variety of subjects that contribute to a well-rounded college education and preparation for the most challenging of school classrooms. You will spend either weekday afternoons or evenings (depending on your enrollment choice) in academic classes at the UNC Denver Center at Lowry.

Focus on One Course at a Time

A unique feature of the Center for Urban Education program is the scheduling of classes. You will focus on one academic class at a time. For example, you will complete a math, English, or history, etc. class every five weeks. This enables you to focus more clearly on the work at hand and come away from each classroom experience richer in what you have learned. Along the way, you will also periodically attend small, teacher training workshops.

A Degree from UNC's Renowned School of Special Education

Courses in special education theory, practice and pedagogy will ensure that you have the breadth of knowledge needed to be an effective special education teacher. You will also have the benefit of special seminars in educational technology and classroom management—tapping instructional resources found in the metropolitan area.

A four year course of study is tightly designed to help you complete this 122-126 credit hour bachelor's degree. Here is an Example 4-year Special Education plan of study.

For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Undergraduate Catalog.

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