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Secondary Education Post-Baccalaureate Licensure

For Those with a Bachelor's Degree Who Want To Become a Licensed Secondary Teacher

This program is for individuals who are seeking teacher licensure, and who have already completed a bachelor's degree in one of the following majors or related fields: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, or Theatre Arts.

UNC is currently working to convert this licensure-only program into a master's degree that will include teacher licensure! Attend an information meeting to learn more about the program plans and when you may be able to start.

K-12 Education Post-Baccalaureate (K-12) Licensure

If your bachelor's degree is in Music or Physical Education, you can earn your K-12 teacher licensure via hybrid post-baccalaureate licensure programs run by those departments.

Inspire the Next Generation

With a teaching licensure program from UNC, you'll be a highly valued teacher candidate—UNC is the premier teacher preparation university in Colorado. You'll make a difference in the lives of children, and establish a career in a field that is always in demand.

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Credits Required:
TBD (31-36 likely)
Time to Completion:
15 months

Delivery Option:

  • In-Person + Online

Program Coordinator:

John W. Haefeli


Program & Enrollment Manager:

Jon Shaw


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