Extended Campus Forms for Faculty / Staff

Academic Program Course Scheduling

  • Course Schedule Grid – grid to submit course schedules for upcoming terms for Extended Degree Programs. Also available as a Word document. Due for each term on the same deadline schedule used for on-campus programs.
  • Course Schedule Update – submit updates to previously submitted course schedules (added courses, instructor changes, etc.). Also available as a Word document.

Individual (Standalone) Course Delivery

Scheduled Course/Workshop Request Form – submit this form each time you would like to deliver a section of a course on our Scheduled Courses/Workshops page (individual courses that admitted or non-admitted students can take).

Mileage Reimbursement

Travel Mileage Log – use this Excel file to log mileage, tolls and parking costs for non-teaching Extended Campus activities (observations, program coordination, etc.). Submit a form each month or each semester. See the travel procedures information on the Faculty Resources page for details for these submissions.