Extended Campus Forms for Faculty / Staff

Forms for Extended Degree Programs and the courses delivered within those programs.

Forms for Extended Campus Program Coordinators

Program / Course Requests

  • Academic Program Request for Services (RFS) – submit this form to offer a new degree, licensure or certificate program or new cohort of an existing program. This form begins the process of actually working with Extended Campus on preparation and support of the program delivery.
  • Professional Development Course Request – submit this form each time you would like to deliver a section of a course for professional development (individual courses that admitted or non-admitted students can take).

Course Scheduling

  • Course Schedule Grid – grid to submit course schedules for upcoming terms for Extended Degree Programs. Also available as a Word document. Due for each term on the same deadline schedule used for on-campus programs.
  • Course Schedule Update – submit updates to previously submitted course schedules (added courses, instructor changes, etc.). Also available as a Word document.

Forms for Faculty Teaching Courses in Extended Campus Programs

Course Credit Agreement Form – used for Directed Study, Thesis and Dissertation courses for students in Extended Campus degree programs. Also available as a Word document.