Fostering Dignity and Equality for Every Child

A Special Education Workshop in Breckenridge, Colorado + Coursework Online

Guiding the student through what it means to know that respecting the dignity and worth of all children is a fundamental commitment that goes beyond ethical considerations. It is a recognition of every child's inherent value and rights, regardless of their abilities, background, or circumstances. However, many of our systems need to be designed to do so. The students will be provided specific strategies for supporting the dignity of children with disabilities or children who might have disabilities and their families within early childhood programs; birth through kindergarten entry. The students will be provided a rationale for the equal worth of every child through inclusive placements, curricula, and instruction while describing what that looks like in practice using specific indicators.

Course Objectives

  • Participants will identify the importance of inclusivity, respect and dignity in early childhood education.
  • Participants will identify components of curricula that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of all children and foster an environmentthat celebrates individual differences and promotes belongingness.
  • Participants will identify evidence-based strategies and interventions that promote inclusivity and address diverse learning needs.
  • Participants will identify practices that foster respectful interactions, collaboration and advocacy within early childhood programs.

Course is letter graded: Syllabus

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