Welcome to Your Extended Campus Program Information!

We have pulled together the information and resources you will need most as you progress through your UNC Extended Campus academic program (degrees, licenses, certificates, etc.).

Note: those who are not admitted to an Extended Campus program, but are taking an individual Extended Campus course or workshop, can find support and information tailored to your needs in the Once You Register section of the page for your course in the Courses and Workshops list.

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Here are a few ways you can get to know this website section for current Extended Campus students, so that you can find the answers and resources you need from now until graduation. All of this information and more is available via the navigation choices in this section.

Bookmark Your Program Page

Your program page hosts key information, including your upcoming courses (with registration numbers) and contact information for your Program Coordinator. To find your page, choose from the categories below:

Graduate Students...Check Out the Graduate Student Orientation Guide

Developed for all graduate students, this interactive guide provides the information to get you started with your graduate school experience.

Get Acquainted with Your UNC Center or Online Learning

  • Pages for Each UNC Center – choose your delivery location for maps and directions, WiFi and printing instructions, and helpful information about the area.
  • Tips & Technical Requirements for Online Courses – students taking online courses (or whose classroom courses have online components) will find a Canvas tutorial, tips and resources to help you succeed. Some may seem like common sense, but students have told us that these reminders helped them stay on track in their courses.

Know Your Student Guide

Visit the Student Guide & How To page for key topics and in-depth PDF guide specific to undergraduate and graduate students.

Student Resource Links

Conveniently reach the most common UNC resources and help functions from the yellow box of links that appears on every page in this section.