A Dance Education Master's Degree

Do You Love to Teach Dance? Are You Excited About the Future of Dance Education?

The Dance Education Master of Arts degree is for educators with a love of dance who want to build their credentials and knowledge to support their career goals. This mostly online program is for those who either already have a K-12 teaching license, or who are interested in teaching in the private sector, private/charter schools and some post-secondary settings.

Our program seeks candidates with diverse personal backgrounds, ideas and experiences in order to bring together a community of educators that will inform and inspire the dancers of the future.

Our faculty will guide you in refining your pedagogical methods (teaching practices) for...

  • Research.
  • History and cultural context.
  • Choreography.
  • Dance forms and styles.
  • Curriculum development and advocacy. 
  • Dance performance production.
  • Applied embodiment practices and movement skills.

You will examine the philosophical, theoretical and practical implications in historical and current dance education, preparing you for more effective teaching and dynamic leadership.

A Unique and Accessible Dance Education Program

Delivered Mostly Online with Applied Summer Intensives

This master's program is designed to fit into the schedules of current and aspiring dance educators. Because of our mostly online delivery model, we have been able to help educators from around the world take their practice to new heights. Though many dance education master's programs are shifting to fully online models, UNC remains committed to harvesting the important benefits provided by dancing and learning together in person (in beautiful Colorado), while still providing you with the flexibility of online learning for most of the year.

Please see the Course of Study section below for details about course delivery and campus visits.

Preparing Dance Educators of All Backgrounds

The best dance educators are those who are inspired to pass on their knowledge and their love of dance for the betterment of their community. While a bachelor’s degree is required for admission, the program does not require that you have a dance-specific bachelor’s degree. The most important qualities you can bring to your participation in this program are:

  • A background in movement practice.
  • A desire to learn and implement successful teaching practice.
  • A passion to advocate for the movement arts.

Career Options for Graduates

This master's degree will enable you to become a better dance instructor:

  • If you are a licensed K-12 teacher, this will prepare you for the Colorado Dance Grades K-12 added endorsement. If you will teach outside of Colorado, please check the endorsement or certification requirements in your state.
  • If you do not have a K-12 license, you will still be eligible for teaching positions in the private sector, some K-12 private/charter schools and certain post-secondary settings. If you have a particular public or private K-12 school who is interested in hiring you once you have this credential, you can speak to them and your state department of education about alternative licensure options that may be available to you due to your enrollment in this master’s degree.

Photo of dance class

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Online + Summer Greeley Intensives

You will start in fall term and finish coursework in two years, then take one additional semester for thesis work. Coursework includes...

  • Fall and spring terms: One online, asynchronous Dance Education course each term. Asynchronous means "not at the same time." There will be deadlines for completing course requirements, but you will not be required to be online at certain times.
  • Summer terms: intensive face-to-face sessions on our campus in Greeley, Colorado, plus occasional online coursework.

The summer Greeley intensives reflect the importance of dancing together in the development of our learning community. The intensive sessions...

  • Take place in July — three weeks for the first summer and two weeks for the second summer.
  • Involve choreography, learning dance forms, movement skills/technique, pedagogy, interdisciplinary collaboration and dialogue, creative dance, applied Somatic Movement Education and embodiment principles, and skills in Dance production.

Coursework (33-36 Credit Hours)

For an example of upcoming courses, visit the Current Students page for this program.

For full program requirement details, including thesis information, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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