An Online Master's Degree That Applies Psychology to Education / Teaching

The Educational Psychology Master of Arts – Teaching Applications Concentration is designed specifically for teachers. You will gain tools that help you optimize teaching and learning processes in the classroom via our strategically-designed online program:

  • Problem-based learning methods allow you to use your own classroom as a context for studying learning and teaching.
  • Practical assignments let you apply the latest research to activities such as revising lesson plans, trying out new programs, developing assessments, addressing diversity, and working with difficult students.
  • Interactive courses allow you to build relationships with instructors and fellow students.

This Program Will Enhance Your Knowledge of...

  • How the brain works
  • The role of society and culture in learning
  • How to foster deep-level learning and 21st century skills
  • The nature of student motivation
  • How to develop student confidence and interest in learning
  • How to make learning transformative

Career Options for Graduates

Depending on your interests, prior experiences and existing certifications, this degree can prepare you to excel in the following positions:

  • Teaching: Advance your K–12, community college and child care teaching
  • Educational consulting/training
  • Business and industry training, research or evaluation positions
  • Measurement and assessment positions in industry, business or school systems

Please note that this degree does not include licensure. If you would like to become a licensed teacher, counselor or psychologist, consider the following programs.

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This 30-credit-hour program is completed online in five consecutive academic terms.

  • All students will take the same two courses each term and progress through the program together.
  • In the Fall and Spring semesters, the two courses are taken back-to-back in two 8-week sessions. In the summer term, the two courses are taken concurrently in a single 8-week session that runs from early June through July.

Coursework (30 Credit Hours)

To see a typical list of courses by term, visit an example Current Students page for this program.

For full program requirement details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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