A Master's Degree with Special Education Generalist & Culturally Linguistically Diverse Endorsements

The Teaching Diverse Learners Master of Arts degree program is designed for current licensed teachers who would like to earn added endorsements in both Special Education Generalist and Culturally Linguistically Diverse (CLD). You will enhance your ability to recognize and develop the cognitive, linguistic and classroom skills of these two growing populations of learners.

Program Features

  • Dual Endorsements: In addition to earning your master's degree, this program incorporates all of the coursework and field experiences necessary to receive both endorsements.
  • Online Delivery for Your Convenience: the online delivery lets you fit coursework around your schedule.

Expand Your Career Options with Two Highly Valued Teaching Credentials

This program gives you important, high-demand skills for mainstream classroom teaching. Virtually every school is experiencing growth in the number of students who have special educational needs as well as those who bring cultural and language diversity to the classroom. Teachers who are able to assist these learners in ways that enhance the learning experience of every student in the classroom are highly valued.

Teachers who wish to become pull-out teachers for language learners and/or those with special educational needs will be endorsed for those roles as well.

The theories, skills and strategies included in this program—and the official endorsements towards which they prepare you—will put you in high demand. More importantly, this program will help you connect with these students in ways that empower their journey to academic success.

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The course of study blends the following courses to fit the Colorado requirement of 24 credits for each of the following endorsements: Special Education Generalist and Culturally Linguistically Diverse:

  • Nine credits in discipline-blended courses
  • 18 credits total in courses dedicated to each separate discipline
  • Six credits in a discipline-blended field experience course

Students from other states should check their state endorsement requirements to ensure that this program meets those stipulations or can be gained via reciprocity.

Required Courses (33 Credit Hours)

To see the upcoming courses, visit this program's Current Students page.

Comprehensive Exam

A final, comprehensive examination consisting of one question from SPED, one question from CLD, and one question that blends the two fields will serve as the final product of the program. The examination will be provided online, and students will have one week to complete their work.

For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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