Welcome to Online Learning at UNC

What to Expect In an Online Course

A Course Schedule and Deadlines for Assignments

Most online courses are completed on a specific timeline with weekly deadlines for assignments and discussions. So, even though you can attend "anytime, anywhere" online, this weekly schedule allows for more interaction and knowledge sharing, helping you learn and collaborate with other students.

An Academic Challenge and a University Education

If you are taking a course from UNC, we commit to delivering you educational content that enriches your knowledge, and supports your personal and career goals. Instructors and students in online courses at UNC hold each other responsible for engaged academic discussion and measured learning outcomes just as they would on-campus. You will get to know each other through your online communications and be part of the UNC learning community.

Canvas – The Online Classroom

Photo of EDSE 632 Course Landing

Although in online courses you may not see your instructor or the other students in person, many of the same things happen in our Canvas classrooms that happen in a face-to-face class. In fact, many on-campus classes at UNC include Canvas support to better accomplish some of these activities.

  • Instructors can make announcements, hand out materials, describe assignments, explain grading, ask the class questions, give quizzes and tests, collect assignments, and provide feedback to students.
  • Students can share information, discuss course topics 1-on-1 or with the whole class, review assignments, collaborate on projects, take quizzes and tests, submit assignments, and ask the instructor questions.

The main difference between online learning and face-to-face classes is that many of these tasks happen...

  • In writing: you will still ask and answer questions, discuss course topics and collaborate with classmates, but most of this interaction will occur using the online discussion areas and e-mail.
  • Asynchronously: asynchronous means "not at the same time." Because not everyone will be "attending" class at the same time, these written communications will be viewed and responded to at a later time. There are still deadlines for completing course requirements, but not everyone will be completing them at the same time.
  • Synchronous ("at the same time") sessions:
    • Sometimes, instructors or groups of students in an asynchronous course will arrange to voluntarily in the online classroom, which allows for more immediate back-and-forth discussion.
    • Some of our online programs do have required synchronous sessions for courses. Those programs will state this requirement in the Course of Study information.