Become a Gifted Education Director with this Online Endorsement Program

The Director of Gifted Education endorsement program is designed to help you become a gifted education administrator. You will build on your background and experience in gifted education with this highly individualized program.

This endorsement will provide you with an in-depth knowledge base in all areas of gifted education. There is a particular emphasis on the wide variety of children with gifted education needs as it relates to...

  • Delivery systems
  • Evaluation
  • Programming
  • Identification
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Policies and regulations

Gain the expertise to develop all facets of the programs that prepare and engage gifted learners.

An Administrator Licensure / Endorsement with Opportunities for District-Level Roles

You can be among the first to achieve the emerging Director of Gifted Education credential. This UNC endorsement program is approved by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) for the preparation of Gifted Education Directors, which means that you will complete the approved program requirement for a Colorado Initial Administrator License with a Director of Gifted Education Endorsement.

Whether you live in Colorado or elsewhere, this program will help you become a leader in the field. You will gain administrative expertise that is specific to gifted education, and enhance your opportunities for district-level positions.

Complete This Endorsement as Part of an EdS or PhD Degree

You can include this endorsement within one of these degree programs:

Educational Leadership EdS with Director of Gifted Education Endorsement

Special Education PhD (as an Area of Special Interest)

Contact the Program Coordinator for details and advice based upon your academic background. Tuition will differ from this program for the PhD degree.

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This endorsement program is approved by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) for the preparation of Gifted Education Directors.

  • Most students who have earned their Specialist in Gifted Education endorsement (please see the Eligibility tab about this requirement as well) can complete this program in 18 credit hours.
  • How long the program takes to finish depends on how many courses you take per term, and whether you need more than 18 credit hours. Many students will take two courses per term and finish in about one year!

Coursework (18-36 Credit Hours)

To see the upcoming courses, visit this program's Current Students page.

Required Major Credits (9)

These three courses will be waived if you took them while earning your Specialist in Gifted Education Endorsement.

Gifted Education Administration (18-27 Credit Hours)

For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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