Ongoing Online Program 

Program Coordinator

Robert Reinsvold


This is an Extended Campus program, which means a flat per-credit tuition rate for all students (in-state or out-of-state) and no student fees (they are incorporated into our flat tuition rate). Please note: certain courses may carry specific course fees for additional services and materials.

The tuition for your BIO courses for the 2018-19 academic year (which runs Fall, Spring, and Summer terms) is $565 per credit hour. Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year will be determined mid-June 2019.

Please note:

  • Any non-BIO courses that you take will likely be priced at a different rate per credit hour (with most being priced lower).
  • Note: you will be able to complete this program entirely through Extended Campus coursework. However, if you choose to take any courses that are not offered through Extended Campus (whether they are on-campus or online) you will be charged the applicable Resident or Nonresident tuition rate for that course, and will incur the typical student fees that are charged to all on-campus students that term.

Upcoming Courses

Please note: any syllabi files that may appear below are provided to help you prepare for your course. Syllabi may change at any point before the course begins, and you will receive your official syllabus in your course.

Spring 2019

BIO 525-901 Molecular Genetics (3)

CRN: 24410
Instructor: James Haughian

Location: Online 
Dates: Jan 7 - May 5

BIO 525-901 Syllabus

BIO 528-901 Developmental Biology (3)

CRN: 24411
Instructor: Judith Leatherman

Location: Online 
Dates: Jan 7 - May 5

BIO 528-901 Syllabus

BIO 545-901 Pathogenic Microbiology (3)

CRN: 24412
Instructor: Ann Hawkinson

Location: Online
Dates: Jan 7 - May 5

BIO 545-901 Syllabus

BIO 552-901 Advanced Systemic Physiology: Homeostats (3)

CRN: 24413
Instructor: Mark Thomas

Location: Online
Dates: Jan 7 - May 5

BIO 552-901 Syllabus

BIO 596-901 Foundations of Clinical Research (2)

CRN: 24414
Instructor: Ginger Fisher

Location: Online
Dates: Jan 7 - May 5 

BIO 596-901 Syllabus

BIO 562-901 Conservation Biology (3)

CRN: 24462
Instructor: Mitchell McGlaughlin

Location: Online
Dates: Jan 7 - May 5

BIO 562-901 Syllabus

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Previous Courses

View previous courses for this program delivery.

Fall 2018

BIO 502-901 Biomedicine and Careers (1)

CRN: 15067
Instructor: Ginger Fisher

Location: Online
Dates: Aug 20 - Dec 9

BIO 502-901 Syllabus

BIO 547-901 Immunology and Disease (3)

CRN: 15068
Instructor: Gregory DeKrey

Location: Online 
Dates: Aug 20 - Dec 9

BIO 547-901 Syllabus

BIO 548-901 Virology (3)

CRN: 15069
Instructor: Ann Hawkinson

Location: Online
Dates: Aug 20 - Dec 9

BIO 548-901 Syllabus

BIO 550-901 Cell Physiology (3)

CRN: 15070
Instructor: Melanie Peffer

Location: Online
Dates: Aug 20 - Dec 9 

BIO 550-901 Syllabus

BIO 553-901 Advanced Systemic Physiology: Control Systems (3)

CRN: 15072
Instructor: Nicholas Pullen

Location: Online
Dates: Aug 20 - Dec 9

BIO 553-901 Syllabus

BIO 555-901 Reproductive Biology (3)

CRN: 15071
Instructor: Patrick Burns

Location: Online
Dates: Aug 20 - Dec 9 

BIO 555-901 Syllabus