Greeley/Loveland + Online Cohort 12 (Fall 2022 Start)

Program Coordinator

Michaela Romero, DNP, FNP-BC, ENP-C


This is an Extended Campus program, which means a flat per-credit tuition rate for all students (in-state or out-of-state/international) and no student fees (they are incorporated into our flat tuition rate). Please note: some courses may include assessment, course, participation or supervision fees for additional services and materials. Most Extended Campus courses do not include these fees, but you can check the current course-specific UNC Academic Fees. Note: Program Fees do not apply to Extended Campus.

Program tuition for the 2023-24 academic year (which runs Fall, Spring, and Summer terms) is $706 per credit hour. Tuition for the 2024-25 academic year will be determined mid-June 2024.

For information about paying your bill, including UNC's BearPay monthly payment option, visit the Bursar's Office Your Bill page.

Estimates of additional costs: For the purposes of determining financial aid, UNC follows Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) and federal guidelines to develop an estimated, average Cost of Attendance (budget) for different student classifications. For your personal tuition estimates, we recommend using the program-specific tuition information above. But UNC's official Cost of Attendance/Student Budgets page can help you identify other estimated expenses for which you may be responsible while completing your program.

Upcoming Courses

Spring 2024

NURS 654-700 Acute Care of Adults (3) 

CRN: 24236
Instructor: Carolyn Botton-Post, Michaela Romero, Lindsay Green, Dorothy Schulte, Elizabeth Cirbo

Location: Gunter 3000 
Dates: Jan 8 - May 5 
Thursdays 12:30-4:20pm

NURS 656-700 Care of Chronic Illness in Adults (3) 

CRN: 24305
Instructor: Carolyn Botton-Post, Michaela Romero, Lindsay Green, Dorothy Schulte, Elizabeth Cirbo, Teresa Hergert 

Location: Gunter 3000 
Dates: Jan 8 - May 5 
Thursdays 8-11:50am

Summer 2024

NURS 674-700 Care of Women and Pediatric Populations (3) 

CRN: 40393
Instructor: Teresa Hergert, Carolyn Bottone-Post, Michaela Romero

Location: Gunter 3000
Dates: May 13 - Aug 2
Thursdays: 8am-1:15pm

NURS 675-900 FNP Clinical I (2) 

CRN: 40394
Instructor: Lindsay Green, Carolyn Bottone-Post, Julie Deters

Location: Online 
Dates: May 13 - Aug 2

Fall 2024

NURS 676-700 FNP Advanced Clinical Topics (2) 

CRN: 14757
Instructor: Carolyn Botton-Post, Deobrah Romero

Location: Gunter 3000 + Online 
Online Dates: Aug 26 - Dec 15
F2F: 8/29, 9/5, 9/26, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/7, 125
Thursdays: 3:15-5:15pm 

NURS 677-900 FNP Clinical II (4) 

CRN: 14758
Instructor: Lindsay Green, Carolyn Botton Post, Michaela Romero

Location: Online 
Dates: Aug 26 - Dec 15

NURS 697-700 Scholarship of Advanced Nursing Practice (2) 

CRN: 14759
Instructor: Carolyn Bottone-Post, Michaela Romero

Location: Gunt 3000
Dates: Aug 21 - Dec 8, Thursdays 1-2:50pm 
On Campus - 8/29, 9/5, 9/26, 10/24, 12/5; Individual student oral comps scheduled on campus for either 10/24, 10/25, or 10/30

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Previous Courses

View previous courses for this program delivery.

Fall 2023

NURS 624-900 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Advanced Practice of Nursing (3) 

CRN: 15022
Instructor: Jessica Scott 

Location: Online 
Dates: Aug 21 - Dec 8

NURS 613-700 Advanced Health Assessment (4) 

CRN: 15021
Instructor: Carolyn Bottone-Post, Lindsay Green, Michaela Romero, Dorothy Schulte, Elizabeth Cirbo

Location:  Gunter 3000 
Dates: Aug 21 - Dec 8 Thursdays 8am-12:50pm

Summer 2023

NURS 606-700 Research and Evidence-based Practice in Nursing (3) 

CRN: 40432
Instructor: Darcy Copeland 

Location: Loveland Center + Online 
Dates: May 15 - Aug 4 
Thursdays: 12:30-3:50pm 

NURS 608-700 Advanced Health Care Concepts (3) 

CRN: 40433
Instructor: Carlo Parker

Location: Loveland Center + Online 
Dates: May 15 - Aug 4 
Thursdays: 8:30-11:50am 

Spring 2023

NURS 507-700 Policy, Leadership and Nursing Issues (3) 

CRN: 24385
Instructor: Michael Aldridge, Alicia Longshore 

Location: Loveland + Online 
Dates: Jan 9 - May 5 
Thursdays: 9-11:50am 

NURS 612-700 Advanced Pharmacology (4) 

CRN: 24386
Instructor: Kailee Reddy, Catherine Holmes, Natalie Yount, Kyle Troska 

Location: Loveland + Online 
Dates: 2/2, 3/2, 4/6
Thursdays: 9-11:50am 

Fall 2022

NURS 601-700 Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing (3) 

CRN: 14758
Instructor: Darcy Copeland

Location: Loveland Center 
Dates: Aug 22 - Dec 11, Thursdays 12:45-3:45pm 

NURS 614-700 Advanced Pathophysiology (3) 

CRN: 14759
Instructor: Marcia Patterson

Location: Online 
Dates: Aug 22 - Dec 11